Data Analyser

The algorithm and processing core of TREX gets linked to a sophisticated data structure chain. All data from different sources getting wrapped to one common data file standard – TDMS. This makes TREX flexible not only to future extensions but also sets the ground for smart and sophisticated data analyzes.

Collecting data is one thing, but turning data into information is crucial. To find the right data in a huge data sets, TREX comes with a smart pre-selector feature for searching, filtering and loading data from a server. Especially when accessing remotely to servers it is important to identify the right data before a time consuming download is started.

With the TREX pre-selector it is possible to select the right data for individual analysis. Within the pre-selector it will be possible to store different request data into a Buffer Manager to re-use them for repeating analyzis. The TREX Viewer offers sophisticated graphs and data statistics.

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